Mayweather had a career boxing record of 32–10–5 (10 KOs). His biggest accomplishment was winning the IBO junior lightweight title from John Roby on April 21, 1994, a title which he defended two times. On March 13, 1993, Mayweather lost to Oscar De La Hoya, who was in only his 5th pro bout, by TKO in round 4. 

      After a successful career in the ring, Mayweather followed in the footsteps of his brothers and became a trainer. Known as the "Quiet Mayweather" Mayweather has trained several champions including Sultan Ibragimov, Celestino Caballero and for a short period Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

      Mayweather has also launched a website called "Jeff Mayweather's Pro Boxing Insider". He says it will allow boxing fans to get an inside look at the sport, and will have several boxers serve as active contributors. The site also boasts a forum that allows fans to ask questions of the fighters.